What is a Custom order and how to place custom order?

What is a Custom order?

A custom order is placed by a client when they see a service posted by a freelancer that is related to what they need, but not exactly so, in terms of price, or quantity/magnitude of the service the client woulf be needing.

for example;

How to place a custom order

  1. You need content writing services,
  2. You visit see several freelancers offering the same
  3. You finally settle on one freelancer, offering 5 articles at $12
  4. But you need 10 articles and you have a budget for $20
  5. You will see an option on his/her service page page to place custom order
  6. There you will describe what you need and how much you can pay.
  7. The freelancer will get notified and can either accept or reject the order
  8. If they accept, you pay and they start your job
  9. If they reject, you try someone else

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