How does Jobspaddy solve the problems of freelancing, job hunting and hiring?

The problem of finding a job


Finding a job in these times is very hard, as many qualified people have no access to the right employers, and vice versa. Many people have been swindled, kidnapped and in some cases killed, all in the hustle to find a job to take care of their daily needs and their family’s.

Even with technology making things easier, such that you do not need to run the streets with your files anymore, everything including the interview can be done online, from the safety of your home,  things are still not easy. Many people have become frustrated by the lack of access to genuine jobs on many job boards out there. some now take advantage of the desperation of jobseekers to frustrate them through fake job posts created just to drive traffic, some even go as far as extorting money from them online.

The worst part, go to government appointment jobs and employment agencies. Most have become family business and sullied with nepotism. There is serious corruption in the system. At the current explosive  population growth rate, what will be the fate of our families if we can’t get jobs to support them? What will be the fate of the multitudes that are being pushed out from our tertiary institutions every year? Finding a job, on its own, is a very big job.  The increasing spate of crimes in our society today speaks volumes of the situation. Some of these criminals are graduates, who have just realized that a graduate degree is not a guarantee of a job and a good life, irrespective of the course studied.

Some of these, pick up courage and learn skills to make themselves valuable to the contemporary society,  and yet, they don’t know how to go about getting clients and employers to sell these skills to.

Many economies understand this and find a way to render support to their unemployed population. What if your country is not one of these benevolent economies? How will you be better your game for more chances? Try Jobspaddy!


Employers on the other hand, are not faring better, as the cost of finding and hiring a candidate has become almost double the salary that ascribed to that role. Processing thousands of applications too, even with the help of technology, is still not an easy task.

Some people who needed to hire some professionals for some quick one-time job will have to go through friends and recommendations from colleagues, etc just to get someone good that could be trusted to deliver the job, in time. Even with many freelance platforms out there, it is still not easy, as some of these may require payments from the client, or have other discrepancies that end up making the process bulky and uncomfortable for the client.


Even freelancers these days are not better off.  You have a skill and you want tot be able to work and earn money from that skill, as a full time freelance job or side hustle, and you find that getting people to hire your skills is another job altogether.  Most of the freelance platforms out there frustrate the ministry of freelancers via:

1. Uneasy approval process

2. Lots of fake job posts

3. Paid posting:

you have to pay to express interest/apply to clients’ projects/jobs

4. Frustratingly high withdrawal minimum:

Many freelance platforms set a considerably high minimum withdrawal limit, which in many cases are not easy to attain within a short period for the freelancers to access their money and handle their needs. The number of single $5 jobs it would take a freelancer to achieve a $100 minimum withdrawal will leave the freelancer broke and helpless while their earnings are lying in their online wallets on these freelance platforms.

5. High commissions charged on their income:

Many platforms charge as high as 20-30 percent or even more per job executed by a freelancer on their platform, which leaves the freelancer with not much at the end of the day.

6. Security:

Though many freelance platforms now have online escrow system which enables them to collect, process and hold payments on behalf of the freelancer, until the job is completed before the money is released to their wallet, there are still some freelance platforms that do not offer this security, thereby putting freelancers at risks of fraud by clients who might escape without paying after the job has been delivered.

And more!


Jobspaddy as a complete solution

Jobspaddy has taken the scenarios above and many others into consideration and decided to create a solution, one solution to solve all these frustrations. This solution is targeted at solving the problem on the different fonts mentioned above;


On Jobspaddy Careers , jobseekers have access to countless tools to ease the burden of job hunting, making it very easy to find targeted jobs easily and get discovered with no stress, for FREE! These tools include:

1. Resume creator (Post resume):

This feature allows job seekers to create a tailored professional online resume that will be searchable and auto-suggested to employers seeking candidates in the choice categories of the job seeker. You can post as many resumes as possible. This allows you to create resumes tailored for different job types and career sectors, then select the one you wish to use for your current hunt. You can always switch your featured/visible resume  to any of the resumes in your account, anytime you wish to change career. You can use these resumes to directly apply to jobs, very easily.

2. Auto-suggestion/matching of resumes to companies and employers:

Another wonderful tool available to help job seekers is the auto-suggestion of their resume to potential employers, not just any employer but employers seeking a candidate with the exact skills posted on the jobseeker’s profile and resume! eg. Mark Greg is an engineering graduate, just signed up as a Job seeker and uses the resume creator to post a resume for an engineering job. His resume will be auto suggested to companies seeking engineering graduates. They can shortlist his resume for review, contact and interview him without him having to do anything further. Then if he decides to switch to the banking sector, he can create another resume, using the same Post resume button in his dashboard, to match a candidate for a banking job. This will be auto-suggested to financial institutions hiring for the role he’s seeking.

3. Job suggestions:

After posting your resumes and skills, each time you login, you’ll see notifications of jobs handpicked for you, based on your skills and interests, to easily apply to with a single click! This saves you the stress of having to search through thousands of jobs, just to find the ones that relate to what you want.

4. Job alerts:

You can create customized job alerts for particular roles, companies, locations and categories,  select how often you want to get updates and you’re good! You will get notified in your inbox with the latest matched jobs customized for you, daily, weekly or any other frequency configured in your alert settings.

5. Follow companies:

You can bookmark jobs, and follow companies to get updates of their job postings, very easily, in a single click.

6. Messaging:

It is always advised that candidates follow up on their job applications, now you can not only do that, you can contact any company or employer directly and enquire about your application or request information about the company.

7. Advanced job search:

You can search jobs by many filters, bringing you the very job that fits what you’re looking for!

8. Unlimited jobs:

Aside the thousands of jobs on our site, you also access to the latest Indeed and careerjet jobs from all over the world, updated daily!

9. Apply without registration:

Candidates can apply to jobs directly by just clicking on the apply button, typing in their message to the employer (cover letter) and uploading their resume/CV, no logging in required!

And many more exciting tools!


We have many exciting tools that makes hiring as easy as making coffee! These include;

1. Easy and FREE job posting (Post a job):

Employers can post jobs for free at the click of a single button

2. Resume/candidates auto-suggest:

This tool suggests candidates to employers based on the job roles, skills and categories they are hiring for, saving them the time and stress of scouring through thousands of resumes/candidates

3. Advanced search for candidates/resumes:

Employers can search for prospective candidates, using many advanced filters; location, category etc.

4. Resume alerts:

Employers can set up customized alerts to email them each time a candidate posts resumes that match their needs.

5. Messaging:

Employers can contact and even interview candidates using our messaging system, this may look simple, but it solves a ton of stress and saves them employer a lot of time!

6. And more!

Clients needing to hire a freelancer

What about employers/clients who want to hire a freelancer for a one-time or recurring project/job? Our dedicated freelance platform also covers their needs:

1. Free and easy to hire services/skills posted by freelancers, with advanced search options

2. Free to post custom job requests (Using the recruitment/recruit now button)

3. Security for their money through our escrow:

If a freelancer fails to deliver, the client need not fear as their money will be refunded back to their wallet if the jury determines that the service they ordered was delivered by the freelancer

4. Messaging and private chats

5. Dedicated profile and advanced reports

And many more!


We have a dedicated freelance platform where freelancers can post their skills and easily get hired and paid without stress, for free! This is packed with a lot of features that address the many problems of freelancing mentioned in our introduction. These tools and solutions include:

1. Easy sign up and approval:

Freelancers and clients can sign up very easily with their email, Facebook or twitter accounts, and get instantly approved!

2. Easy and free to post a service/skill (post a service):

Once logged in, freelancers can easily post their skills and the services they offer. These are easily found across the internet as a result of our high social media and search engine coverage.

3. Escrow protection:

with our escrow, freelancers need not fear being scammed as clients must pay/fund the escrow before ordering their services, their funds are released into their wallet as soon as the job is done and confirmed by the client. What if the client refuses to confirm? The freelancer can open a dispute, where our management will look into their transaction and discussions and invite both parties to present their case, after which the freelancer is awarded his money if the jury determines that he actually delivered his job.

4. Portfolio and Ratings:

The freelancer gets a review from the client for every job done, which is added as a rating and feedback to his profile, thereby encouraging potential clients to use his skills as they have been used and found satisfactory by the reviewers/old clients of the freelancer. This builds trust and potentially increases the revenue of the freelancer.

5. Low withdrawal minimum amount:

Freelancers can withdraw their earnings once it’s up to $50!

6. Low commission/charges:

Freelancers are charged only 10% per project, no more!

7. Withdraw earnings via bank or PayPal

8. Messaging and private chats

9. Dedicated profile and advanced reports

And more!


So you see, whatever your need, Jobspaddy has a place for you! Don’t be frustrated, don’t give up!

Pick yourself up and keep strategizing, build your resume, learn skills and add side-hustles/freelancing, create multiple streams of income for yourself. In all of these, we stand by you, with the right tools to see you through. The better life you dream of, is not far away, reach out and take hold of it today!

Are you a company owner? You should not have to sell your kidney to spend on HR anymore! Our solution is easy to onboard and very pocket-friendly. Aside listing your jobs and hiring, your company gets an extra online presence for being on our website. Try it today, add your company, wait a few days and search it on google, come back to us if you do not find your listed company on the search results!

Feel free to use the support buttons if you have any issues or need more information.

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