How to Use Credit Wallets on Jobspaddy

Are you a freelancer or a client on Jobspaddy wondering how to make the most out of your credit wallet? Look no further! In this article, we will guide you through the ins and outs of using wallets on Jobspaddy to maximize your experience on the platform.

What is a Jobspaddy Credit Wallet?

Your Jobspaddy credit wallet serves as a virtual account where freelancers receive their earnings before requesting a payout. This handy feature enables freelancers to access their funds quickly and conveniently. Additionally, clients can also fund their wallets to pay for the services of freelancers seamlessly.

Using Credit for Verification and Featured Badges

Freelancers can leverage the credit in their wallets to pay for verification, which enhances their profile’s credibility and trustworthiness. Moreover, freelancers can also purchase a featured badge for their services, increasing visibility and attracting more clients.

How to Fund Your Wallet on Jobspaddy

Funding your Jobspaddy wallet is a straightforward process. Freelancers get funds in their wallets from payments for their services. Clients fund their wallets when they place orders for services.

Note that a freelancer can also use his/her earnings to order for the services of other freelancers. That means that you can hire or be hired with one single account!

Benefits of Using Wallets on Jobspaddy

Utilizing wallets on Jobspaddy offers numerous benefits for both freelancers and clients. Freelancers can access their earnings quickly, pay for verification effortlessly, and boost their visibility with featured badges. On the other hand, clients can fund their wallets for seamless payment transactions and access a pool of talented freelancers ready to fulfill their needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer funds from my wallet to another user on Jobspaddy?

No, the credits in your wallet are non-transferable and can only be used for payments within the platform, or be withdrawn (for freelancers).

How secure is the wallet feature on Jobspaddy?

The wallet feature on Jobspaddy is highly secure, utilizing encryption and other advanced security measures to protect your funds and personal information. Even when paying from your wallet we authenticate you with a personal secure code before funds are released from your wallet.

Is it possible to withdraw funds directly from my wallet?

Yes you can withdraw funds directly from your wallet, you can request a payout of your earnings to your preferred payment method or configure auto-withdrawal to automatically withdraw at fixed intervals.

How to see my wallet balance

Once logged in to your dashboard, click on the “REVENUE” tab to see your balance, withdrawal history and options to withdraw balances.

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