How to apply for a job?

How to apply for a job?

So you already created your freelancer profile, but you don’t know how to apply for the job?

Create a related service

To apply for a job you need to have created a service that is related to the job you want to apply for. for example, If you see a job for graphics design, you will need to have added a service related to graphics design to apply.


You may ask, How about the prices? You post a service for $10 and the client requested a job with a budget of $5, how do you fix it?

  1. Use your service of  $10 to apply for the job.
  2. Contact the Client via their profile shown on their job page
  3. Tell them about your price
  4. When you both agree on a price, the client will visit your service (that you used to apply) and place a custom order, using the price you both agreed as the budget amount
  5. You will get notified with a link to accept and start the job (Or reject it)
  6. Alternatively you can  create another service to meet with the exact price and needs of the client and inbox them the link to order it.

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