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Service price:

This is where you put the price of your service, note that the client can still make a custom request to you, in which they can specify their own price, and how much of your service they need. You both can agree on a final price before the client sends you this custom order. Note also that you can message the client or they can message you to finalize the price depending on the worth of your service. eg.  A logo design may cost $10, a client may want 5 customize logos. They will simply come to your profile, contact you, and discuss what they want. You both can agree on $70 for the 5 customized logos. The client will then visit your service page and “Place custom request”, stating $70 as his price, and describing fully what they want. You will get an email about the request (you can accept or decline client service requests, if you are too busy) When you accept, the client will be notified and you can start the job.

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