How to make my profile visible and attract clients?

You have created a profile, but you are not seeing it, and nobody has messaged you, why is this so?

This is probably the question you have asked yourself after creating your Jobspaddy freelancer profile. It is not a big deal.

1. Post a service

Creating a profile is good, it shows that you now belong, but the more important thing is, what have you got to offer? That is the part that clients and employers are looking for. This is not a dating site or social network site. You are here to present what you can do, to get hired and make your money.  If you are reading this post and you have not posted any service yet, open a new tab and click the complete guide on how to post a service

This will show you a step by step guide on how to get your service set up. If you can do graphics, animations, video creation, website design etc, create as many service as possible for  each of them, display all your skills. Your profile is your showcase, display as many as possible of what you have to offer. If you leave it blank, it will not show up when clients view the site or search for services they need.  Just the way you see the list of recently posted services on our homepage, and all services on the services page, your own services will come up among those too. Give yourself more chances of getting seen, post your services now.

2. Apply to available recruitments

In addition to your services showing up for clients to see and contact you, you can also apply to job requests or recruitments posted by clients on the site. The latest job requests and recruitments are shown on our homepage and on the recruitments page. We send email updates with each request posted. If you are in the habit of not checking your emails regularly, you may miss out on such updates. Sometimes also, a client may see your posted service on the site and indicate interest by contacting you, we know that you may be busy and it would be a bit hard to be logging in everyday to check if there’s a message in your inbox. We send you an alert each time you have a new message in your inbox.  So keep up with your email inbox, check the site as often as possible too. If you don’t get emails let us know.

Now, if you are confused on how to apply for a job check here

3. Share your profile with your friends and networks.

The more traffic you drive to your profile the more chances you have of meeting interested clients. Your profile here is like a portfolio or your CV that you can send to anyone interested to see your skills and sample projects you have done.  Make it a point of duty to share your profile on social networks, and with friends and family. Someone in, let’s say India, or Canada or any where can be searching on Facebook for a skill related to yours. If you have a shared post with your skill and appropriate hashtags, you will surely show up in the search results. Your friends can easily see that you have so and so skills and many of them would like to patronize you. Don’t be shy to share your profile. Most of your network and friends will likely want to patronize you or recommend you to their friends.


4. Complete your profile

Most people feel that verifying their email and creating account is enough, then they leave an empty profile, without details for the clients to come and patronize. If you were a client seeking to hire someone for a job, would you rather go for a freelancer with an empty/half-filled profile, or will you favor the freelancer with a complete profile? Advise yourself.

Avoid passive profile descriptions. It will make you look very neutral. Describe yourself warmly. see the example in No. 5 below.


5.Make appealing service descriptions

The description you give to your posted service is like a cover letter. That is what the client will read and compare you to other freelancers, and then sit down to decide, ‘who has more knowledge and the kind of enthusiasm I need for  my project?’. Don’t just leave a passive description Put life into it, prove to your prospective client that you are really into this. On some profiles and services you see someone post descriptions like,

“I write content”

“I can write your articles and stories”

” I write stories and articles for people and organizations” and so on.


Such scanty service descriptions may not attract the favor of your prospective client. Will you be attracted to such if you were the client?  Write something like,

“Hello! I’m Chloe, a 23-year-old copywriter, with a first class BSc in journalism, and a wealth of experience under my belt. From regional newspapers, to online publications, to blogs, and even court reports, my varied experience means I can meet your needs, whatever the requirements. I guarantee 100% professional and plagiarism-free content. I am also familiar with the NUJ code of conduct and UK media law. Your satisfaction is my priority, so I offer UNLIMITED revisions! Click the ‘order now button’ let’s get started”

How do you see the above?  The description above shows the person can post up to 4 different services or more for each of  “…regional newspapers, to online publications, to blogs, and even court reports..”

Have another look at your profile, put your best foot forward.

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