Jobspaddy Escrow

Why use the escrow?

  1. The escrow ensures trust between the client and freelancer, both can be sure that their interests are being protected.
  2. There is no risk on any party.
  3. Freelancers get paid for the work that they do

To protect your money and work use the escrow system to ensure that nobody is cheated. Any payments done outside of our system will not have the protection of our escrow system.

In a situation where the the work is not done within the time and the needs of the client the money is returned to the client.  There are also cases where some mischievous clients get their job and refuse to get satisfied. In such a situation the freelancer can raise a dispute through their dashboard and send evidence of the work done. We will invite both parties to settle and at the end if the client is at fault the case is decided in favor of the freelancer and he receives the money from the escrow.


Last Update: December 31, 2020  

December 31, 2020  Clients, Freelancers, Payments  
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