Role Description

This is a remote contract role for a Swift IOS Developer. We looking to hire a Swift developer who will be responsible for the creation and maintenance of iOS and OS X apps for platforms such as mobile phones, tablets, and PCs. The creation of such apps and their integration with back-end services will be your major emphasis. You will collaborate with other engineers and developers who are working on various layers of the infrastructure. As a result, dedication to effective collaboration, problem-solving, smart design, and the creation of high-quality goods is required.


  • Experience in developing, testing, and modifying existing applications.
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience.
  • In-depth knowledge of Swift and its environments.
  • Strong knowledge of object-oriented programming.
  • Experience with Cocoa APIs on OS X.
  • Excellent understanding of performance limitations and features.
  • Memory management and multi-threading knowledge.
  • Experience with embedded databases and other system data stores.
  • Knowledge of RESTful APIs for integration to back-end services.
  • Strong awareness of UI design and a user-centered mindset.
  • Knowledge of low-level C-based libraries is a plus.
  • Understanding of automated testing platforms and unit tests.
  • Ability to coordinate with the team remotely.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Experience with unit testing and debugging
  • Any professional certificate.
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