Are you a freelancer on Jobspaddy looking to withdraw your hard-earned earnings to your bank account? We have some important updates regarding the withdrawal process that you need to be aware of. Read on to find out more about the latest changes and how they may affect you.

Direct Bank Transfer Restrictions

Due to the policies of some countries, we regret to inform you that we may not be able to complete a direct bank transfer withdrawal to certain regions. This is beyond our control, but we want to ensure that all freelancers have access to their funds in a timely and efficient manner.

Alternative Solution: Open a PayPal Account

If you are based in a country where direct bank transfer is not available, we strongly advise you to open a PayPal account. PayPal is a safe and convenient way to transfer money online, and it allows you to easily withdraw your earnings from Jobspaddy. By having a PayPal account, you can ensure that you have access to your funds whenever you need them.

We are constantly working on expanding our payout options to better serve our global community of freelancers. We understand the importance of providing multiple ways for our users to withdraw their earnings, and we are committed to exploring new solutions to make your experience on our platform the very best.

What’s Next?

As we strive to improve our services and offer more flexibility to our users, we are always open to feedback and suggestions. If you have any ideas or requests regarding withdrawal methods, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer support team. Your input is valuable to us, and we are dedicated to making Jobspaddy a platform that meets your needs and expectations.

Having said that, we hope you have added your withdrawal methods in your profile? We usually advise that you check and update your profiles. Add your latest skills, add photos, add more services that you can offer. Give yourself more chances, and never neglect to check that your paypal email and/or Bank account details are correct.

Have a great weekend. keep winning.

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