Dear freelancers,

Due to the different monetary policies of different countries, withdrawal to bank account may not work for some countries, a special case is Nigeria. We have had to use cash pickup for the last few payouts as the country has strict monetary policies.  To keep getting your money we advise that you have a paypal account, just in case your country is not able to receive direct pay via Bank account, like Nigeria.  Alternatively you can still get your money via Cash pickup.

Get a Paypal Account

Even services like paypal do not pay to Nigerians at the moment. However many Nigerians use paypal accounts from other countries to create receiving paypal accounts.

We encourage freelancers affected to get paypal accounts to easily get their payouts. For users in situations like that of Nigeria, who could not or would not like to use paypal, we can pay you via Cash Pickups. 

Cash Pickups

In cash pickups, we send your money to receiving banks/pickup points and you can go there with a valid ID and the Transfer Reference Number that we will send you, to receive your cash. For those in Nigeria, Pickup centers are available in most Nigerian Banks. Your bank (in your Jobspaddy profile) may even be among the receiving centers.

To receive money via cash pickup you do not have to do anything extra, if you have chosen the bank account withdrawal option and filled in your details.  Once you request withdrawal, you will be contacted to choose a convenient pickup point from the available pickup centers

Those in countries that can receive payouts to bank accounts you have nothing to worry about.


Withdrawal to paypal will not accrue any extra fees. Payouts via Cash pickups on the other hand, may involve applicable fees, depending on the rates and the conditions set by our Processor.

Having said that, we hope you have added your withdrawal methods in your profile? We usually advise that you check and update your profiles. Add your latest skills, add photos, add more services that you can offer. Give yourself more chances, and never neglect to check that your paypal email and/or Bank account details are correct.

Have a great weekend. keep winning.

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