1. Screen 1:Choose a package:

After creating your account, as a freelancer, the next thing is to add your services. Many people get stuck right there at the beginning when they see the screen to select posting package.

If you are just posting your first service on Jobspaddy, then the  screen in this picture below is something you must encounter.


What does it mean?

Now on Jobspaddy you can post as many as ten different services for free and upgrade your package if you need to post more than that.  So when you log in and try to post, you will meet this screen. Simply choose the platinum package and move on, unless you intend to post many services, more than 10, in that case you can select a higher package.

2.   Screen 2 :Adding your service

In the next screen you will see the screen below


That’s where you add your service

A : Service name:

This is the name of the service you want to offer. eg. “I will design a responsive  ecommerce website for you ..”,  “I will write very interesting articles for your blog..” “I will write a short novel for you..” and so on. You just try make it interesting to your prospective client.

B. Service price:

This is where you put the price of your service, note that the client can still make a custom request to you, in which they can specify their own price, and how much of your service they need. You both can agree on a final price before the client sends you this custom order. Note also that you can message the client or they can message you to finalize the price depending on the worth of your service. eg.  A logo design may cost $10, a client may want 5 customize logos. They will simply come to your profile, contact you, and discuss what they want. You both can agree on $70 for the 5 customized logos. The client will then visit your service page and “Place custom request”, stating $70 as his price, and describing fully what they want. You will get an email about the request (you can accept or decline client service requests, if you are too busy) When you accept, the client will be notified and you can start the job.

C. Time of delivery: 

This is the estimated time of completion of service offers. Normally you should indicate a deadline that you will be sure to meet. If custom logo design takes you 5 days, you can indicate 7 days, to be sure that you don’t disappoint your client. You know their review will have of lot of effect on your profile.

D. Service Description:

This is where you describe in full what you can do, give the clients the reason why they should ignore other freelancers offering the same service and choose you for the job.

E: Category:

Choose a category that best matches your service, this will increase your chances of being found in searches.

More on screen 2:

F. Adding images (Optional)

in the screen above you will see the “Plus Sign“. Click on it to choose image that from your device that best describes your service, this will go a long way to send an appeal to the client about your service. You can add up to five images, just by clicking the “plus sign” each time, choose one as your featured image.

NB: Make sure you have the license to such images. You can use free image services like Pixabay, Unsplash, etc or create your own image.

G. Adding relevant videos (Optional):

Still on stage 2, the next thing you will see is the option to add videos, as in the screen below.

You can add your video from youtube or other video hosting providers like vimeo. This also helps the client better understand your service.

H. Extra Services (Optional): 

This is where you add other “sub-services” that can be ordered together with your service. For example  a web designer can add “Extra pages” as extra services for an additional cost, A content writer can add “stock images and article video” as extra services at an extra fee, etc. You can indicate the fees for your extra services by the side.

I. Service tags:

Service tags, just like your hash tags on Facebook and Instagram, are keywords that enable potential clients to find your service more easily.

J.  Opening Message:

This is the first message a client sees when they click on your service to order. This where you call out to them, that they have come to the right person for the job, and encourage them to include all the necessary details about their job so you can better serve their needs.

K. Save:

At the bottom of the page, you will see the “save” button.

Check through everything and click “Save”

NB: Save publishes your service



3. Preview:

Once you click “save” your service is published and you should see it on Jobspaddy homepage.  or on the Services page

However, if you did not complete the steps above  it may save as draft. and will not appear on any of home page or services page.

In this case you should click your service list to see all your services. Your incomplete service may show as draft, as in the screen below.

If you check the above image carefully you will see that it saved as a draft, and there is “an arrow” that shows to submit service. you can click that arrow to publish your service.  If you want o edit it you can just click on the service link to open it.

you will see the “edit button” as in the screen below.

Edit it save, and it’s published!

We hope this post helps. Feel free to use our contact button if you have any question or need help .

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