How often do you check your email?

We are in the 21st century where our day to day operations now revolve around the internet,  we virtually live on the internet now. Communications are now mostly by email, Facebook, Whatsapp etc. Job searches now are no longer done on foot but on computer screens. Companies now typically interview, hire and work online, remotely; and most communication is done online. In fact most official communications now are done by email.

Now the questions once again, have you checked your email today? It is true that unsolicited emails that flood our inbox and spam box these days can discourage one from checking their inboxes. But then, what if, one of the many emails you missed could have been your breakthrough?

As a freelancer or job seeker you apply to jobs and communicate with clients and employers vis email. You could lose out certain job offers made to you if you do not check your email as often as you check your WhatsApp!

For Freelancers on Jobspaddy we often notify you by email when you have a new private message, but recently a few clients have complained that some freelancers do not reply to their request messages.  These might be people who are interested in your services and might be in need of something extra or custom service. That first negative impression of unresponsiveness gives the client an idea of what to expect if they should actually start a project with you. Will you be the type that does not respond to messages in weeks? will you be the type that causes delays to their project plans if they hire you?

And of course you know that client feedbacks gives an impression of you to other people who will first read the reviews of your clients before hiring you. If you suck at communication, you might be doing your reputation a lot of harm.

Make it a new year resolution, not just for Jobspaddy, as someone active in the career field, check your emails as often as you check your social media. You might be discouraged if you have been lazy and gotten yourself thousands of unread emails. Start today, always check through every folder; (Promotions, Socials, Inbox, and even spam box).  Make it a habit, upgrade and fit in to the trend.

All the best of the week to you.

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