Hello! We are soo excited to welcome you to the year 2021. It looks like a promising year, full of possibilities. After all the mishaps and setbacks that hit the world in 202o, everyone so much looked forward to the new year, for a new beginning.

Now that we are here, what’s the way forward? How do you improve yourself to make more revenue as a freelancer?  Here’s our advise.

1. Acquire new skills:

The new year will have companies and employers all working hard to regain their standing after the chaos of 2020. This will result in increased demand for many skills across many careers. Take advantage of this knowledge, learn new skills or improve on the ones you have, make yourself an asset.  There many online learning platforms out there, take the advantage, do not remain where you were in 202. If you are on Udemy, see some of the courses we recommend

2. Have a good portfolio:

A portfolio is a place where someone can easily access your credibility for a particular  job or position. Your freelancer profile here on Jobspaddy is a very important self-marketing tool. A well filled up profile gives someone an instant view of what you have to offer; and reviews from completed jobs go a long way to convince whoever that is viewing your Jobspaddy portfolio that you are really good at what you say you do.  Take some time, review your profile, share it with friends to recommend you for jobs, you can even add your profile link to your resume/CV, just like you add Linkedin. It goes a long way to show proof of your experience and capability to satisfy requests regarding your skills.


3. Build a network:

Yes you read right. This early 2021 is the right time to build a network of people, employers, organizations and fellow freelancers. Nothing is as good as a good investment in social capital. We advise our freelancers to add our Linkedin page as part of their work experience(add a question on our knowledgebase if you need help to do this). It helps show potential employers viewing your linkedin profile that you have so and so experience in so and so skill, which you use for freelancing at Jobspaddy. If you have a good profile here, it’ll create a very good impression of you to potential employers. You can even add projects you completed here to the Achievements section of your linkedin profile. Share those achievements with your network (Social media, friends), let them see how well you can deliver. People like what they see more than what they hear. People who see things you did can confidently recommend you (or your profile) to their connections for related projects.

4.Don’t joke with recommendations/reviews:

On linkedin there’s this feature to request former employers or clients to give recommendations to your skills. Here on Jobspaddy after every job or project done, the employer is prompted to leave a review for you. These reviews go a long way to set you above your peers who have the same skills, a show of tested and confirmed expertise. All you have to do to get good reviews is a perfect job, up to or above the expectation of the client.  This way, they will not only come back to hire you again, but will be willing to leave an attractive review and recommendation for you anytime, even to their friends and networks. They will even be willing to give you a written recommendation for job applications, if you ask them nicely.


Grow your skills , improve yourself and look forward to the very best of 2021. we wish you a lot of revenue!


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