Joining the best upwork alternative, Jobspaddy, is very FREE and easy. All you need is a skill you want people to patronize or a job you need done, a valid email address and your bank account/ working paypal account to receive your money or to pay for your delivered jobs.

Important facts about a Jobspaddy Account

1. We do not charge you any fees to find someone to do your jobs, or as a freelancer to post your skill. (At least the free basic account is very free Forever!)

2.  You have access to both a Client and Freelancer account in one registration. This allows you not to go through another registration if you need to hire for a service that is outside of your expertise.

3. Accounts are instantly approved after the first verification level (email) has been passed.

4. You can further verify your account with a Government-issued ID to have a verified badge on your profile to win trust. Freelancers with verified badges on their profiles and services have confirmed that their revenue increased by over 80% after obtaining the ‘Verified Badge’. Clients that patronise out platform find it very convenient to deal with Verified Freelancers, to put away doubts on trustworthiness.

5. Reviews are given at the end of each work done, accounts with positive reviews are more favored by clients seeking to hire freelancers , it is one of the major things that convince them on their choice of hire.


How to register

1. Visit Our  Homepage

2. Click the Join or Sign in icon on the right at the top of the page.

3. You can register with your Facebook and Twitter accounts or your email account. Choose one.

A. When choosing Facebook or Twitter you’ll be taken to an authentication page to authorize the connection. Once approved you’ll be brought back to our site where you’ll complete the registration by putting your email, username and password. Then proceed to step 4.

B. If you register with your email direct, you’ll be asked to input your email username and password. Then proceed to step 4.

4. You’ll get a code in your email to activate your account. Check your spam box if you do not see it within 5 minutes.¬† Make sure to add our email to your contacts to avoid having our emails always entering your spam box.

5. If you see the email in your spam box, mark it “not spam” and add us to your email contacts. The activation link may not show, you might need to reload the email after moving it out of spam box, or go login to your account on our site and request for another activation email, which is expected not to enter spam box if you followed step 4.

6. Activate your account by clicking on the link in your email.

7. Login to your account and fill up your details. Check through and fill every field.

8. Start adding your services and skills. Be sure to put your actual prices. Many clients are price-sensitive. Clients can always request custom services that may cost higher or lower than your standard fee, and tell you their budget. Eg. Your price of logo design might be $10 per logo. Someone can order the usual logo design at that price. However, when someone needs a custom logo type they can place their custom order, at let’s say $50 for a printable Flyer design. A conversation is opened for you two to discuss, agree and start the work. Check here to see about payments and escrow


Should you have any difficulties simply reach out us on fb @jobspaddy

Or send an email to [email protected]

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