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We offer professional Website design services, Android development, Graphics design, SEO, Customer service hiring, business directory, website management and much more! simply visit ozconsultz.com, we have something that will be of interest to you or your business!

The Ambassador Program

Have you got an enthusiasm for web development, digital marketing, social media and offline brand influencing ? Have you got the skills to be our brand ambassador? Turn your passion into a massive source of income. Make over 500 dollars monthly just by representing us and sharing your passion with the world.

Our program is a win-win for you, for your audience, and for us. If you have a website or blog, you have the chance to generate great content that ranks high on search, which you can monetize, use our tools to guide your audience to our  services and solutions. Help your audience access our services, improve your digital marketing and PR skills, earn every step of the way.

Introduce people to our program, mentor them and earn with each conversion they generate. What better way to earn from your comfortable zone, at your own time – being your own boss.

And you know what? We have support standby 24/7 to answer the questions of your audience or help you out in mentoring your downlines. There are support buttons on our products pages and client pages.  You can also take advantage of our business growth mentorship services to boost your campaigns.

Did you know that you can eventually become part of our company if you develop skills relevant to our services? In this digital age and time, you don’t need to leave your home to make good money.

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