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Troubled times? Not for HR startups

BENGALURU: While funding in the HR-tech startup space plateaued this year after seeing its biggest peak in 2015, entrepreneurial and investor sentiment in the space has remained unscathed. As many as 65 new HRtech startups have emerged in India so far this year, according to startup research platform Tracxn. The figure, however, is dwarfed by last year's activity, which saw 235 new HR-tech startups spring up. Last year, $49 million was invested in the sector in over 31rounds.

Triocodes Technologies Pvt Ltd takes HR processes digital

Kochi : Triocodes Technologies Pvt Ltd is doing a complete revamp of its human resource processes through the use of digital and technology. This includes a mobile app which enables employees to mark their attendance through cell phones by switching on their location or apply for leave or regularise attendance; using digital to move to a paperless office; introducing virtual learning classroom for staff; and using hiring analytics for improve candidate experience.

Smart Force Application For Marketting People

Kochi : Now a days, one of the major problems facing by the organizations which are focused in field staff business is their management. Even though the technology has emerged into its peck, still many of the organizations are struggling to track the sales force functionalities such as attendance, travelling expenses, client meetings etc. Triocodes Technologies Pvt Ltd now introducing a perfect solution for the above headaches for any kind of organizations who are building their business with men in field. Using this system, the management can monitor the attendance of employees with location (where he/she located), who all are the clients he is meeting etc with geographical location and time.

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